Partners In Aviation “Takes Off” – Featured in Twin & Turbine

by Jordan Sok · 06/13/18

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Twin and Turbine - "Managed Co-Ownership"

OneTeam is celebrating the success of our client, Partners in Aviation, which was featured in this month’s issue of Twin & Turbine Magazine. After years of hard work and research to perfect the model, Partners in Aviation (PIA) recently launched its unique option for aircraft ownership that splits the costs of ownership while delivering nearly the same benefits. “PIA Managed Co-ownership” is officially a reality, with clients in the sky and hundreds of opportunities across the nation on the map.

Our team was excited for the opportunity to develop this feature article in June’s issue of Twin & Turbine, highlighting PIA’s take-off success. The magazine, geared toward business or personal-use pilot/owners of twin or turbo-prop aircraft, distributes 12 issues per year and can be found online at

The article details the positive market response for the PIA Managed Co-ownership model and  spotlights a pair of happy aircraft co-owners that have recently begun their partnership through PIA’s structured agreement.

PIA’s customer base now includes first-time buyers, regular charter users, fractional and jet-card members and owner-pilots – and this is just the beginning for PIA.

Take a look at the article here and join us in congratulating our friends at PIA on their high-flying success!



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Author: Jordan Sok

Jordan is the founder and CEO of OneTeam Marketing Solutions – a full-service marketing agency that feels like a part of your team. She is married to her CFO, Brandon, and has a 7-year-old named Kayden.